the perils of being a contrarian in the bus industry

Although we don't particularly intend them to be, more often than not our thoughts on marketing within the bus industry can be seen as a tad contrarian.

We've got strong opinions, we've got justification for why things do/don't work and we've got the platform to express them. All in all, it's a combination that can lead to agreement and praise or disagreement and criticism. It's more likely to be the latter, but 'c'est la vie'.

Our views are often the X in a sea of Ys, the girl in a class full of boys, the sweet on a shelf of savoury because we're the ones who see things differently. Is that because we are looking at the work in question from the angle of the customer as opposed to that of the industry? I wouldn't bet against it.

Despite what research may tell you, the vast majority of customers aren't interested in what a bus company has to say, don't care about your latest route branding, in fact, they have more important things to do than engage with a bus company on what to them, are trivial matters.

It's as simple as this. Work we believe to be good gets lauded, and work we believe could be better gets criticised. And there's no agenda based on work produced by current clients or those we think we could help but don't at the moment.

Trust me, if that was the case, we'd have kept quiet years ago.