is it possible for a bus brand to be cool?

I think it's fair to say there are people who think the odd bus brand is 'cool'.

It's probably also fair to say they are massively outweighed by those who think there isn't a bus brand on the planet that has a legitimate claim on the word - me being one of them. There are technology and clothing brands I think are cool (Apple, Nike, Uber etc), but I'm sorry, there ain't a bus brand around that cuts the mustard at the moment.

And I think the main reason is they all lack any real personality and comes across as pretty much the same. There's not one that stands out as different in anything they say or do, and as a result, none of them really resonates with the public.

You could change the logos on any bus or the words on any advertising and the public wouldn't notice any difference.

No stand out attitude, no unique style, no real sense of humour. I can't think of one company that really stands for something concrete and produces communication that reinforces their brand values.

Virgin, whether you like them or not, are probably the one transport brand whose attitude and values are distinctly reflected in their work.

You only have to look at their advertising or how they use social media to see what I mean - funny, engaging, human, current and reactive are a few words you would associate with them. Virgin carry that attitude through everything but when other TOCs (and bus companies) try to do something similar it looks forced.

It would be interesting to see Virgin's take on a bus company and how they sell it. Would they start off with best intentions and eventually fall by the brand wayside or would they fully embrace the challenge in front of them?  Would they become the country's first cool bus brand? I guess we'll never get to find out.

Unless someone knows something I don't...