attracting the youth of today

Earlier this week there was a Transport Focus 'Bus and Young People' event, where the likes of Alex Hornby and Martijn Gilbert were commentating on social media during the talks  - all interesting stuff.

One of the slides Martijn tweeted was entitled 'Key features of the perfect bus journey' (I'm assuming the perfect journey for young people). The list itself was largely unsurprising, detailing all of the traditional basics - reliability, cleanliness, courtesy etc - alongside first world 'necessities' such as fast wi-fi and charging points.

Used as requirements for the journey itself, i.e. the bit where you're actually on the bus, it's pretty much spot on.

However, when you consider the customer interaction/experience as a whole, there seems to be one key element missing.

I didn't see one mention of the importance of technology, and the part it can play when it comes to finding information, in any the social media posts. Something I thought rather strange when the conference was about attracting young people to the bus.

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The survey quotes in the slide seem to have come from young people who already use the bus - customers who know where to get the required information, and from what mediums.

I can't help thinking the quotes would have been different if young, non-bus users had been questioned as to what makes the perfect journey. I imagine they would have started with what they didn't know about getting the bus - the where does it go, how do I find out, have you got an app kind of questions. The bits that cover the experience way before the wheels arrive.

It's no surprise that being able to find out what you don't know is half the battle in attracting people to the bus.