why have a design dog and bark yourself?

One downside to coming up with ideas for a living is that everybody and their wife/husband/life partner has an opinion of whether or not they are any good.

Unfortunately for us, it's part and parcel of the job - sometimes clients think you've nailed the brief, other times they ask you to go back to the drawing board for another stab at it. You just have to accept that the origination of your work has an element of subjectivity about it.

However what is often more frustrating is when clients start trying to influence the design process. The "We like it but can we see the logo in a different place", "Can you alter the leading in the body text", "I'm not sure about your font choice" type comments.

If I employed a tradesman to build a wall, I'd no doubt want a say in what it looked like but I certainly wouldn't tell the bloke what mortar mix to knock up. Why? Because I know sweet FA about the building, I've game never done an apprenticeship, and I've never built anything for money. The phrase "Why have a dog and bark yourself" (as my old gran used to say) springs to mind.

Yet increasingly, it seems design seems to bring out the creative director in everyone.

Oh, the joys of agency life...