why does driver recruitment suffer in the creative stakes?

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We've been working a lot lately with one particular bus client to make their advertising more eye catching. 

And they're reaping the rewards. Lots of positive feedback, local media praising their approach and  the public actually noticing what they are doing.

But while their customer-facing work is now in fine fettle, their recruitment work has traditionally seen little creative investment (apart from the campaigns opposite) - and this aspect of their business has suffered. Lots of unsuitable applicants for particular posts, resulting in an inefficient use of their physical and financial resources.

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The poor standard of recruitment advertising seems to be an industry-wide problem. Too many operators happy to bang out their same old bus driver ad time after time. The 'Bus drivers wanted, £8 an hour, free uniform...etc' appearing in the press and on social media. Surely they can they take a leaf out of other areas of the business and be a little more creative in their approach?

Bus drivers are possibly the most important part of building a bus company's brand as they are quite often the only employee customers will encounter and will have sole 'person to person' responsibility for brand perception.

So why the lack of creative input when it comes to recruitment for such an important role? Is it because company bosses don't really appreciate the importance of the job or because HR is seen as a poor relation to marketing in terms of return on investment? Am really hoping it's the latter.

Does marketing work in harmony with HR in your company or are they left to fend for themselves - ignoring brand guidelines and sending out messages that are contrary to the positioning and brand recognition you have worked hard to build up?

So next time you're in the office and HR want a hand - offer to spread the creative love.