communicating passenger etiquette, LA Metro style

When you want to let passengers know about being nice to each other on public transport, many operators would trot out the traditional leaflet/poster combo and be done with it. 

But that's not how things work on the Metro in Los Angeles.

According to the website 'Metro recruited Youtube stars Mike Diva and Anna Akana for the videos, which mimic the style of Japanese television production that Diva previously used in a mock Donald Trump campaign ad released last year.

In the ads, a superhero named Super Kind (played by Akana) battles a nuisance-creating one-eyed monster called Rude Dude, singing about considerate ways to ride the bus and train in the meantime.

The agency has been focusing much attention on the rider experience lately, releasing a customer code of conduct earlier this year and cracking down on riders for infractions like eating and drinking on trains or buses, blocking aisles, and manspreading'.

Whilst they're not my cup of tea, they're certainly different enough to get your attention!