why public transport doesn't really offer a choice at all

When it comes to choice, I think it's fair to say that bus and train companies have their customers over a barrel when compared to the rest of the retail world.

Yes, the majority of people have a choice regarding their mode of transport but should they opt for public transport, barring the odd exception, that is where their options end.

I have a choice whether to clean my teeth every day but if I want to keep my gnashers pearly white, my choice is only just beginning. Go into any supermarket and there are brands galore trying to sell me their product.

I have a choice whether to drive to my meeting or take a taxi of a working day. If I decide on the latter, there are ten local taxi companies just a mouse click away wanting my business.

Choice is everywhere in the retail world.

Within public transport, the lack of real choice it is the elephant in the room that is ignored by everyone.