why bus companies would benefit from creating the big idea

In this week's Passenger Transport magazine, there is an article by Alex Warner where he discusses ways the bus industry could improve its marketing - and he makes a number of good points.

One of which was the setting up of an industry body to coordinate a collective UK-wide marketing of the bus - in a similar way to the Rail Delivery Group do for trains. Creating TV, radio and press campaigns delivered at a local level, where the virtues of seeing a 'beautiful and unknown world from the top deck' can be communicated.

This approach makes sense due to the structure of public transport in this country. The vast majority of bus companies have little or no competition, so when they market, their goal is market growth. If they grow the market, the number of people using their services will grow as a result.

If there was real competition across the board, each operator's goal would be increasing their market share leaving a collective approach to marketing counterproductive.

Of course, who pays how much would be an issue but with the government determined to get people of out their cars, I'm sure they'd be willing to chip in a few quid to get the ball rolling!