you might not know Dave Trott but you'll know his work

Dave Trott is a guy that most people will never of heard of, yet many of a certain age will be well aware of his advertising work.

Dave was responsible for memorable ad campaigns such as Ariston's "Ariston-and-on-and-on", Pepsi's "Lipsmackinthirstquenchin", Courage Best's "Gercha" and Toshiba's "Hello Tosh Gotta Toshiba" among others. All classic brand building, unit selling, advertising that got into the everyday language of playgrounds, factories and offices up and down the land.

After running numerous agencies, Dave now spends his time writing books (you can buy them here), blogging (you can find his blog here) and talking about advertising (you can watch him here), all the time venting his frustration about the ideas/media channels of today and detailing why simple, engaging communication is the way forward.

Dave tends to speak a lot of sense, although his straight talking style means the waffle merchants, who prefer to blind you with science, probably aren't his greatest fans.

The following quotes were all taken from just one interview Dave recently did....

'The most important job of advertising is, one, to get noticed, and two, aid brand recall.'

'Mobile is just another channel One should use it only if it is relevant to the target audience. But marketers start with mobile just because it is trending.'

'Start with the audience first, not what is trending.'

'Technology is another tool for creative people. But it should only be seen as a tool, not a prison. Your starting point cannot be technology. You go viral by a great idea via the human brain. Technology is one of the ways to go viral.'

'You don't do brand building in a week. But marketing executives, especially those fresh out of college, don't understand that. It is due to the fear of missing out.'

I'f you don't talk about simple things that work for ordinary people, you will fall into the bracket of 89% of people who don't notice or remember your ad at all.'

You'd struggle to find more nuggets in the California Gold Rush and because of that, we'll be liking Dave for a long time to come.