could your brand learn something from U2?

I read a blog by a guy called Vinny Warren - he's Irish and moved to America a fair few years ago, ending up doing very well for himself in the world of advertising.

You might know his work for Budweiser and the Whassssup' campaign, regularly voted one of the best campaigns of the last few decades. Anyway, Vinny wrote the piece below on the things brands can learn from the longevity of U2, and I thought it was worth sharing -

I can't help but agree with his sentiment and how it relates to brands' reluctance to stick to their (supposed) principles in the long-term. Too many brands end up being fickle fashionistas to their industry, happy to follow current, on-trend values to make them look as if they are trend setters. And as a result, what people think a brand stood for a number of years ago is unlikely to be the thing they think it stands for now.

You can read more about Vinny's agency, The Escape Pod and see their work here.