whose fault is it you can't see out of the windows?

A couple of days ago a company called Adverta, who produce advertising for buses and trams, tweeted a picture of their latest work.

As you can see from the image below, it was a full body wrap of a Nottingham tram for the brand Just Eat. The work didn't go unnoticed, with many on Twitter quick off the mark with 'think of the poor customer' and 'save our windows' comments.

Assuming we are in agreement that blocking windows isn't great for customers using public transport (who quite rightly should expect to be able to see through the glass), who is actually in the wrong by letting this type of thing happen?

Is it Adverta, who are just trying to get maximum exposure for their client's message or is it Nottingham Express Transit, who are happy to take the revenue at the expense of their own passengers' feelings?

I suggest in future that any frustration should be vented at those who make the rules, rather than those who play the game.