Virgin back on TV with the benefits of train travel

Most rail ads on TV seem to spend 30 seconds of airtime telling you where you can go on their network, in a very 'current', stylish, brand sort of way.

The irony is perhaps lost on them that all the places you can go, you can go just as easily by car, and often a lot cheaper too. Most people's default travel choice is the car, so an ad for a train company should be giving you a good reason to ditch your car keys and hop on board. Just because you can get somewhere by train isn't reason enough to go there by train.

The best of the bunch is Virgin Trains. Their ads are usually funny, well produced and definitely on-brand but just like other train companies, they usually lack the highlighting of real reasons to take the train over other forms of transport. I guess you could say they promote the Virgin brand at the expense of the mode of transport they run.

Their latest ad, however, is a little different.

In a shocking turn of events, it actually gives the viewer tangible reasons to take the train over the car. Who knows, perhaps this rarely seen, benefit-led, reason to change behaviour form of advertising will catch on...

You heard it here first!