Stagecoach and Jessica Wright...

The concept of brands partnering with 'personalities' in order to sell more stuff has been around for decades - some campaigns have been effective, some have been memorable - and the best ones have been both.

But one thing the partnership needs to be is believable. The potential customer needs to buy into the fact that brand and personality have something in common - values, ethos, achievement etc - and they're not just doing it for the cheap publicity or money. Think 'wholesome' Gary Lineker and Walkers Crisps or 'cares about her appearance' Cheryl Cole (or whatever she's called now) and L'Oreal. Both good, believable fits.

And then there's this promotion by Stagecoach. Whilst we actively encourage clients to be different, some things are just way off the mark. In this YouTube ad, Jessica Wright, apparently well known for swanning around looking glam on TV show The Only Way is Essex, has got together with (re. been paid lots by) Stagecoach to search for her very own Style Squad. She explains it better than me...

All a bit square pegs in round holes don't you think?

This sort of idea might have had legs if it linked with the upgrading of a standard Stagecoach' service to their premium 'Gold' offering. Something along the lines of 'your local number 9 has had a Golden makeover, win a day with a style consultant and you could get one too'.

Either way, I'm not sure using a lady who (hazarding a guess) wouldn't know one end of a bus from the other, was the most appropriate fit.

Just saying.