FRAM - it's the orange one, numbnuts!

To be honest, I'm not massively knowledgeable about oil and air filters, even less so about American brands of said products.

But apparently, FRAM is a leading one. Started by Frederick Frankin and T. Edward Aldam, FRAM (name taken from the first two letters of Franklin and last two of Aldam) introduced its first oil filter to the US market in the 1930s. And from what I can gather, they've been pretty handy at marketing their products and building brand recognition ever since.

Take these latest ads. Starring the Breaking Bad actor Jonathan Banks as the character FRAMPA, they address the issue of a younger audience lacking knowledge about changing oil and using the right filter and need an older head for guidance.

And even if you don't remember the FRAM name when you're in store, all you have to know is 'it's the orange one, numbnuts!'.

Great, memorable advertising, the like of which we rarely see on this side of the Atlantic.