EE, Kevin Bacon, and the marketing guff they don't need

EE has launched a new above-the-line campaign that talks up the lengths it goes to ensure its customers get a 4G connection.

It's the latest instalment of the ads written for Hollywood royalty Kevin Bacon.

EE first used the actor back in 2012 and says it sees Bacon a “living personification” of its brand. Max Taylor, managing director of marketing at EE, adds “we are very keen for familiarity and we test Kevin with our key audiences regularly and he’s showing no signs of wear. In fact, he only gets stronger and stronger."

He goes on to say “we’ve spent a lot of time learning about who he is as a person as we want him to a be a long-term collaborator.”

I'm a big fan of the ads in general but I'd like to point out a few things.

The ads work well because they are exceptionally well written, are funny, well produced and take full advantage of Kevin Bacon's delivery skills and timing. With that in mind, had the research audiences been shown an ad containing Mr Bacon that was lacking an idea, was poorly written and without the slightest bit of humour, I guarantee he'd be showing signs of 'wear and tear'. If the idea and writing go downhill, then so does perception of the star attraction as the two elements are intrinsically linked.

The general public's perception of Kevin Bacon is highly unlikely to be of him as an individual but is related to the roles he plays on screen. He isn't a “living personification” of the EE brand as such, rather he was just a very good fit to the type of ads that the agency came up with and the way they wanted to convey that message.

They're great ads that don't need the marketing spiel.

Just don't get me started on Scarlett Moffatt...