Eurostar's new 'Travel state of mind' TV ad

After an absence of over three years, Eurostar is back with a TV campaign.

And according to Guillemette Jacob, head of marketing and brand at the company they “are hoping to inspire people to open up their ‘travel state of mind’ and remind them that when they embrace this attitude, the world is a more open, interesting and rewarding place”.

Any campaign should be trying to do one of two things for the brand in question - grow market share or grow the market itself. This ad doesn't give you a definitive reason to travel by Eurostar, so it's not the former, but does make it look pretty exciting to get out and about and see the world. By growing the travel market and getting more people visiting foreign climes, they know by default more people will do so by train. Who said strategy had to be complicated?

Nice work ladies and gents.