the new Sainsbury's ad - Yum or Yuk?

Sainsbury's launched their latest TV advert this week, and judging by comments on their YouTube channel, opinion is divided.

The work is the first from Wieden + Kennedy, ending a 35-year relationship with AMV BBDO, which had included some classic ad campaigns, from Mog’s Christmas to Jamie Oliver’s endorsement of the brand.

So what do you think?

Here's some of those YouTube comments -

'Well i liked it enough to come here to re watch it so...i heard it and loved it...'

'Food Dancing (Yum Yum Yum) is an advert that desperately tries to be spontaneous and carefree but ends up being cheesy and contrived.'

'I like it' 
(straight to the point this person)

'I heard this hideous racket in a Sainsbury's in Suffolk yesterday . Most people froze on the spot, or cringed. Even the shop assistants pulled disapproving faces ! Whichever ad agency thought this up, has no idea what the profile of the average Sainsbury's shopper is like !'

I would imagine the objective is to get more people to shop at Sainsbury's rather than getting those who already shop at Sainsbury's to spend more, so the work has to stand out for people to at least question their current shopping habits. So surely it's better to produce a 'love it or hate it' campaign that polarises opinion rather than something that's been done a thousand times before and is totally vanilla? 

To that extent, the styling of the ad is different enough to get noticed, whilst the song and the way it is performed is different enough to get remembered. Put those two elements together and with a bit of luck you might just be on to a winner.