the brand weakness of vanilla

I like a splash of colour in my life - deep red walls in my house, the odd pink sweatshirt in my wardrobe and a few pairs of red socks on my feet (not at the same time I might add).

Not sure what the psychologists would make of it but maybe it says something about my personality, that I don't want to blend into the background and be forgotten. The colours make a statement, and although I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't like them, it's irrelevant. The fact is, I do.

And if I ever sold my house, I'm sure the estate agent would tell me that the colours would put potential buyers  off, and I should present each room in a shade of vanilla. Offending nobody and, the logic goes, appealing to everybody.

Which reminds me of most companies' brands, and most companies' advertising. Not standing for anything in particular, not a having a real identity - just in case somebody, somewhere doesn't like it and doesn't like their product.

There are very few companies who trade in a non-competitive environment, taking all the cream for themselves. Most are fighting for custom on a daily basis and would be expected to use every trick in the book to make their product stick in the minds of consumers.

And just as one house that has deep red walls would be remembered more than a hundred houses that all have vanilla walls, the same can be said for advertising.

So let's make it different, make it noticeable and make it memorable. Just remember the trade off is that somebody, somewhere might not like it.