the benefits of knowing very little about the bus industry

We've spent a fair few years working on marketing campaigns for some of Britain's biggest bus operators, yet despite this, we know very little about the technicalities of the industry itself.

We know what we think could benefit us, but as far as types of bus, manufacturers, industry figures etc we're pretty much on a par with your Average Joe. And that's the way we intend to keep it.

Whilst there's nothing wrong with having in-depth knowledge of any given industry, we firmly believe our own naivety is a major plus for potential clients.

We're happy to ask questions that could make us look stupid. Happy in the knowledge that the answers might actually help us create a more effective campaign for our clients.

We believe that if you have a similar knowledge base as your customers then you tend to think like them, and to question like them. You ask why things are done a certain way, looking at it from the perspective of somebody who cares very little, whose attention and custom you are trying to gain.

A client recently told me a little story. At the end of a three hour meeting to discuss campaign research and how to move the project forward, the client told those attending "Remember, we have just spent more time talking about buses than our customers will in their entire lifetime."

Sometimes having the innocence and naivety of customers helps you communicate with them better.