struggling to make travel simple and integrated

I saw a tweet the other day about a PLUSBUS ticket offer, which led me to do a bit more reading on how it benefits the customer.

In all honesty, it seems pretty simple - if you're travelling by train you can get discounted bus travel either to the station before your trip or on from the station after your trip. A pretty simple (and good) way of encouraging some integrated travel I reckon.

Then I saw this section.

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It basically says to the potential user if you live in the nation's capital, its second/third cities or its biggest county, then this particular travel add-on isn't available. All thanks to the way public transport is managed in those particular areas.

A perfect example of how the suits in power do their level best to make people's lives as difficult as possible - when you'd like to think they'd be trying to make them as simple as possible.

As simple getting from A to B in different parts of the country.