never be afraid to have a strong opinion on people's work

When you have a strong opinion on something, you put yourself in a position where someone, somewhere is likely to disagree with you - and those people have every right think differently to you. 

We sometimes criticise pieces of work on this very blog (hopefully constructively) and there have been times where that particular marketing manager has come back and tried to justify their strategy/idea/execution.

All healthy debate. Everyone thinks they are right and no-one thinks they are wrong.

If we believe a piece of work is worthy of praise then that's what it will get - irrespective of what the general consensus is. Likewise, if we believe something is poor, it will get criticised - even if 'the industry' doesn't share our view.

We've got opinions and we're happy to share them with one and all. We expect, and welcome, people to disagree with us, and that makes it all the more interesting.

Some come on transport people, get off that fence and starting voicing some opinions, safe in the knowledge that someone, somewhere will disagree with you!