why is creative sometimes an after-thought in campaigns?

For too many years and on too many projects, we have been getting the same type of calls from clients.

They go something like this...

Client: "We've been working on this really important fares campaign/network change/new route etc (delete as appropriate) for ages now and we're ready to talk about the marketing campaign"

Us: 'Great. When does it need to be ready"

Client: "Next week but if you can do anything sooner that would be great'.

The timescales are exaggerated (only slightly though) but the point needs to made. If too little time is allocated to the customer communication element of a campaign, then its success can be jeopardised. The customer may only get to see and know about the tip of the iceberg but that is the only bit that is relevant to them.

They don't care about your strategy. They care about what's said, how easy it is to understand, and what's in it for them - and doing justice to those messages takes time, and no little effort.

So if you want your campaign to be noticed, and therefore effective, please give us the time required to do a great job. Your agency's priority is to please your customers, not necessarily its own clients.