what's the return on Catch The Bus Week?

The week of 4-10 July saw Greener Journeys promote their fourth annual Catch The Bus Week event - something Chief Executive Claire Haigh said 'had the support of almost 300 different stakeholders' and was 'the biggest and best yet'.

In principle, the event is a great idea. Operators and individuals across the country getting together to celebrate the bus and encourage people to get out of their cars and catch the bus instead.

Claire's latest blog post provides a brief summary of the activities that took place and lists the input by operators large and small. It looks impressive and shows the scale and coordination of the activity.

But just because an organisation has spent lots of time, money and effort on a particular campaign, the brutal truth is that success has to be judged on the results delivered. As the saying goes 'turnover is vanity, profit is sanity'.

So for a campaign with the objective of getting (new or lapsed) people to catch the bus, releasing figures of how many people actually did so, would show whether the activity is effective.

If these figures are then broken down by age group and location,  we could really see where it worked best and what audiences were most responsive to this particular modal shift message.

As with any marketing activity, if you can't measure your return on investment, you might not get the investment again in future years.


  1. Really great idea. It should be held more than just one week per year. Because it has positive effect not only on your budget but on the environment, as well.

  2. This is indeed a good idea, thanks for sharing.


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