the Paris Metro map gets a new look

It took over two years and 800 versions but Paris has finally got a redesigned Metro map - although by the looks of things it's not 'official'.

The project itself was undertaken by Russian graphic designer Constantine Konovalow, who was responsible for the Moscow Metro identity.

After initially visiting the city and finding it hard to navigate, Konovalov and his team of artists redesigned the map, plotting it on a 30-degree grid (as opposed to a standard 45) and depicting some of the metro’s stops in a circular pattern. Other stops on various lines were straightened, and curves smoothed out.

The existing map can be seen here, with Constantine's effort shown below.

Click to enlarge

He goes on to say "We looked at Paris from a different perspective and it inspired us to create this fundamentally new map of Paris metro system, regional trains, and trams. Every line and all the elements of the map have been rethought and brought to a new visual form to enable fast and easy route finding."

Detail before

Detail after

The designer has set up a website where not only does he go into specifics about the design's detailed approach but you can watch a brilliant time-lapse video following the progress of version 1 through to version 800.

Visit the website here.