the Journey Boys are back on National Express Coaches

First on our screens back in March of this year, the Journey Boys are back with their latest 'adventure' on National Express.

This particular ad is only available via the company's YouTube channel (current subscribers 624) and to be honest, the whole campaign is a little bit random.

The initial adventure followed a group of lads trying to get to Bristol, and showed how their lives benefited from the services of National Express. The ad introduced a series of likeable characters and there was a definite idea of what the company was trying to achieve.

I was expecting another tale soon after but unfortunately, it was a whole three months until something new surfaced (surely most people would have forgotten about the first ad by then) and lasted just over 40 seconds.

Why the delay? Did they decide Bristol was so good they didn't want to come home? Hardly makes for a smooth transition between adventures.

On a different note, the ad is running alongside the brand's TV campaign, a campaign that uses the hashtag #takeadifferentview. Confusingly The Journey Boys uses the hashtag #HolidayEssentials, whilst there is also a Stanstead Airport promo with the hashtag #catchthepigeon.

A case of too much emphasis on hashtags and not enough on clear strategy?

Anyway, see for yourselves in the tale of the Inflatable Croc (surprisingly not a hashtag).