three minutes of watching paint dry on TV

During a break in Channel 4's Gogglebox programme last Friday, Ronseal did something not many brands could get away with.

They took the whole three minutes of ad space to promote their One Coat Fence Life product, and did it in near enough silence. This is at peak viewing time, in the middle of a programme that delivers their highest viewing figures.

Watch the ad below, and you will see it is just one bloke rather patiently painting a fence, for three whole minutes. And for some reason, it's strangely compelling and rather therapeutic.

Ronseal’s marketing director, James Smith, said: "We continue to be straight and open about the fact that for many people DIY isn't always the most exciting task. We don’t glamorise DIY.

"We know our products won’t change your life but they will help get a difficult task done quickly and easily. Never is that message more important than on a Friday night before a Bank Holiday weekend."

A great ad, a different ad and one that is most certainly on brand.