interactive bus stop makes waiting for a bus useful

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TV’s Dr. Hilary Jones is spearheading a new digital campaign to get the nation fit and a bus stop in Swindon has launched the idea.

The concept is that while people are waiting to board their bus, they will be greeted by Dr. Jones in an interactive digital video, the first of its kind to provide tailored health messages.

Dr. Jones asks travelers to call him on a free phone number while they wait and he then proceeds to give out information to help them improve their health.

Following the call, Dr. Jones then sends the caller a text with a link to take the free One You online health quiz, How Are You?

The Swindon stop is one of nine state-of-the-art interactive bus stops which are now live across England as part of Public Health England’s One You campaign.

We could see this approach working well for bus companies too. Why not display and interactive video of your tickets, destinations or offers? Could it then text you a link to download the company's app?

Time waiting for a bus is surely time that we could use to better inform customers or upsell in an interactive way?