National Express introduce the 'Travel to Bristol' challenge

Have just come across this video from National Express, where they introduce The Journey Boys and their travel choice when getting from London to Bristol.

The 'boys' have planned to visit friends in the west country for the weekend, and need to decide how they are going to make the journey. Two of the friends choose to hitch hike, whilst the other two opt for National Express.

The video, which lasts over five minutes, tells the stories of their differing fortunes.

The script tries to get every single selling point of the coach in - tickets on your phone, price, wi-fi. USB, reclining seats, even the possibility of meeting members of the opposite sex - but I'm not sure you end up remembering any of the them.

Praise should go to National Express for trying something different, although I can't help feeling it lacks a bit of snap. Five minutes is a long time to expect someone to sit and be sold to.

It look like this is the first in a series of videos with The Journey Boys so perhaps I'll reserve judgement on the campaign until they been on a few more adventures.