Virgin Trains are spreading the love this Valentine's Day

Considering all train operators have a very similar asset at their disposal, it is somewhat surprising that the same company keeps coming up with different ways to sell their travel experience.

That company is Virgin Trains.

This time they've teamed up with Fred Sirieix, maitre-d' of the restaurant on Channel 4's First Dates programme, offering 24 tickets for single people to travel with them on Valentine's Day.

According to the company's website 'This unique experience at 125mph will set your heart racing. Playing cupid, Fred will guide you on a journey of love up our beautiful east coast route with a fabulous dinner – throwing in a few party games and teasers to break the ice.

Rather than put all your eggs in one basket too early, single travellers will switch seats throughout the journey, meeting plenty of potential suitors. Our First Class carriage will be decked out with red roses, romantic music and prosecco to set the mood. Sit back, relax and get on board for a chance at finding love.'

Good idea and great bit of PR - which makes me wonder why didn't someone else think if it? Why is it the same company coming up with these ideas time after time?

I guess that's what makes one train company different to another, and one the most memorable too.