does your agency really know what they're talking about?

When my son was a toddler he put every question through what me and my wife called “Twelve Degrees of Why.”

Here's an example...

“Dad, why do flowers have different colours?”

“Um, to attract insects”

“Why do they want to attract insects?”

“Well, they don’t actually want to, it’s just that those that do tend to have more success reproducing”


"Because insects pick up some of the material from flowers and then go to other flowers and transfer this material which helps them reproduce..."


It was not just valuable for his learning. It was valuable for me, too. After the twelfth “why” I found out whether I really understood something or not.

Why are we using this medium? Why is this a good idea? Why do you believe that statistic?

A smart client doesn't stop after the first "why?" A smart client keeps asking why until he finds out if the agency really knows what they're talking about, or if they're bluffing.