at last - an energy company trying to be different

First Utility is the largest of the independent energy providers, even though they are claiming just a 4% market share.

Bearing in mind all the independent suppliers combined have a market share of 14.6% that's actually a pretty decent chunk. The big six however get themselves the remaining 85.4% - not bad going when they are all providing basically the same thing.

The British public are particularly apathetic when it comes to changing energy provider - in fact 40% have never ever switched, while 70% are on the most expensive tariffs with the big six. The result is complacency of service levels and a plethora of vanilla advertising that does its best to send potential new customers to sleep.

First Utility see themselves as a challenger brand intent on making a marketing stand and creating ad campaigns that will stand out against that sea of blandness.

Their latest campaign sees them launch mock energy company HD Electricity, which promotes the “power of unicorn horns” to emphasise that people shouldn’t pay more because “all energy does the same”.

A bit different to work the likes of npower and British Gas pump out, and a definite challenge to the big six that First Utility are determined to stand out against, and pinch some of that market share.

Created by ad agency VCCP, the campaign will run across TV, outdoor, press, social and digital.