Christmas ads - Spanish Lottery style

Stand aside John Lewis, there's a new kid on the block trying to claim your title of 'Best Christmas Advert'.

Introducing ‘Justino’ - a lonely middle-aged security guard who works the night shift at a Spanish mannequin factory. He sets up a workplace lottery syndicate for the big Christmas draw, but it seems he hasn't bought a ticket himself. Have a watch to see what his colleagues do when they find out they have won the big prize.

The whole concept of the Christmas Lottery is Spain is different to the UK, so to save me trying to explain it (and probably confusing the issue even more) you can read all about it here.

Last year's ad does a decent enough job of being a tear jerker, and explaining the whole thing at the same time.

Gracias advertising amigos!


  1. The ad is really catching. The producers got a feel. No wonder that the Christmas lottery in Spain is so popular, just like the Thunderball in UK.


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