what do the bus folk of Denmark and Canada have in common?

It's not very often you get two bus ads, from two different countries, that are trying to sell the same product in a similar way.

In last month's newsletter we showed an advert from Danish TV that was fairly obviously trying to make the bus look sexy and cool. You can see it here.

And it seems the good people of Edmonton, Canada have taken inspiration from their Nordic cousins as they've come up with their own ad which, something they openly admit, isn't a million miles away.

I'm not sure it's ever going to win any advertising awards but I can't decide if the public will think it's a work of genius or car crash marketing of the highest order.

Have the client and agency over-hyped the product to create interest (in this case making bus travel look sexy and cool) or are they taking the product's benefits and promoting them in an interesting, memorable way?

Either way, the Canadian ad got Daily Mail readers and YouTube viewers talking about the bus, which is probably a first for a bus advert of any description.