trainline's new advertising

I like the trainline rebrand - it's simple and stylish with a memorable colour palette - and was mentioned in this previous blog post.

Unfortunately I'm yet to be convinced by some of the advertising that has been produced to compliment it.

This is the TV ad...

and this is the 6 sheet...

Although the print work has a strong identity, I think it's trying too hard to be clever considering it's talking to the average Joe in the street,. What does 'I am train' actually mean? Is it obvious the app they are promoting is actually called 'train'? Why not remove any potential confusion and name the app after the newly rebranded company? Seems like the common sense thing to do. The look is strong but for me it isn't matched by the messaging.

I also think the TV ad is a bit forgettable. I'm not sure you would watch it a second or third time and remember who it was for, the benefits of trainline (which I think get lost on the story telling type of script) or even put two and two together to link it to the outdoor bits.

You might remember a bloke shouting though.