the new TV advert from Virgin Trains

Last night (Sunday 20 September) saw the launch of the latest Virgin Trains TV ad.

It was a whopping 90 seconds long and appeared on prime time ITV1 during a break for Downton Abbey. It a nutshell it follows the challenges a young man must overcome when he meets his girlfriend's family for the first time - and is done in typical Virgin style.

See what you think...

There a lot of positive retweets flying around from the Virgin camp this morning (they're keeping quiet about any negative ones obviously) and you can expect them to do nothing else. It's a good idea, it's well shot and and overall it's a well executed piece of film. It's all very 'Virgin'.

But how good is it as a piece of advertising? You know, old fashioned advertising that is meant to sell you stuff, advertising that encourages a particular choice over the competition (in this case the car), something that is memorable and sticks in your head for future reference?

Based on those criteria I would argue not very. I think the ad itself is memorable, but not as an ad for Virgin Trains. And, in an industry where most operators have a monopoly on their route, it certainly doesn't encourage you to travel by train per se either.

If you want to see how it was made, have a watch below.