the binary approach to briefing your agency

All advertising starts with a brief from client to agency - sometimes it is short, sometimes it is long but more often than not, both approaches will lack clarity.

To help with this little problem we found this spot-on four point approach to 'Binary Briefing'. Each question has only one of two answers - no less, and certainly no more - to help you understand what you're trying to achieve.

1. Are we going for brand share OR are market share?

2. Do we want non users to try us OR do we want existing customers to use us more?

3. Do we have a real unique selling point to communicate OR are we just raising awareness of our brand?

4. Should we be using a logical argument OR a mnemonic that will be remembered?

In summary, your brief should clarify brand share v market growth, trial v existing use, usp v branding, logic v mnemonic - and you're pretty much ready for the agency to work their magic.

You can still keep it short though.