is this the ultimate in brand disloyalty?

The people in this TV ad are a marketer's holy grail - amazingly loyal to a particular brand (in this case McDonald's) and happy to share that belief with the world.

So loyal in fact, they have tattoos of their favourite Big Mac inked on to various body parts, so I think it's fair to say they qualify as being hardcore brand advocates.

So what happens when arch rival Burger King offers to fly these fiercely loyal customers to Brazil so they can try their own, newly created, 'Big Daddy' burger?

Unsurprisingly (unless you're a McDonald's marketer), they said yes and jetted off a bit sharpish before the King changed his mind.

They then proceeded to all agree the new burger is 'freaking awesome' and 'the meat is delicious' and also 'that's flame grilled right there'. All positive stuff. In fact, they seemed so taken with the enemy's new burger, all of them bar one was happy to alter their McDonald's tattoo to a Big Daddy one.

Fickle bunch eh?

So what does this tell us about the whole brand loyalty/we won't buy anything else thinking that marketers believe in so much? Put simply, the notion that people are loyal to a particular brand exists in the minds of marketers but not in the minds of consumers. They buy a particular product because they think it tastes better/is produced more ethically/is well advertised etc and over time this becomes habit. A habit that is all too easily mistaken for some type of loyalty.

As we can see from the film, if the some of the fiercest brand loyalists around (those prepared to ink themselves with a type of hamburger) are happy to jump ship at the offer of some free food and a flight to Brazil - what hope is there for the rest of us?


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