livery design showcase - Bluebird Bus & Coach

At mhd we believe public transport branding, advertising and in particular liveries, are way behind most other industries. They all seem a bit, well, similar don't they?

We want to show that liveries can both look good and be practical, whilst pushing creative boundaries and remaining recognisable. After all, isn't that what branding should aim to achieve?

So as part of a new feature for the newsletter and the blog, every month we'll be taking a defunct public transport operator from around the country and reinventing it for the roads of 2015.

We'll be looking back at their past branding and liveries to create a modern twist on their appearance as a showcase of what can be achieved.

First up is Bluebird Bus & Coach, a bus operator who were based in Greengate, Greater Manchester between July 1988 and March 2013.

Here's what they used to look like...

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And now re-branded for 2015...

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Our approach, in contrast to today's often used swooping lines, was a geometric icon of the bluebird with matching typeface.  A complementary geometric pattern fading from either end, drawing the eye to the logo in the centre of the bus was then developed.

The finishing touch was a strap line and URL to encompass the whole look.

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We'll be featuring a new operator every month, next up we'll look at Badgerline in Bristol.