first great western work from 2011

Ive just found some old First Great Western advertising executions whilst doing a bit of research, and I quite like them.

The work was produced in 2011 and is a million miles away from their current "Be a Great Westerner" strategy.

The agency's remit 'was to encourage off peak rail travel between London and the West Country for First Great Western' so they 'created a brand new art direction style for the brand, taking visual cues from budget airlines to convey the value message. The executions shown here were used to promote trips to London and Bath.'

I think as full page press ads they'd work really well but would have to be stripped back to do the same job as 48 or 6 sheets - one simple message and less body copy.

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The work, along with a radio ad that was done for the campaign can be found on the agency's website.