the difference between Bill Gates and the bus company

I've just read a tweet from a bus passenger, who has made a complaint about the rudeness of a driver.

Bearing in mind that drivers are probably the most important brand ambassador a bus company can have, I would expect this to be investigated and sorted out pretty quickly.

As they have promised to 'investigate and respond within 10 working days', to my mind the bus company think differently.

10 working days? Really? Now I'm sure there are procedures to follow with these sort of things but if it means the customer has to wait nearly two weeks to hear back following a complaint, maybe the procedures should be looked at to make them more customer focused?

The quote above from Bill Gates really proves that every time a paying customer interacts with a negative story of your brand, it should be looked upon as an opportunity. An opportunity to admit that your brand isn't perfect, and an opportunity to sow the seeds of improvement. And certainly done so in less than 10 working days.

It seems that a certain bus company and Bill Gates don't have a lot in common.