the three key elements every piece of advertising must have

It seems the great Dave Trott (he of Ariston, Toshiba, Holsten Pils ad campaign fame) is doing a fair number of talks at the moment.

And we love a bit of the old boy in this office.

He talks the talk, and over the years the success of his campaigns, have proved that he can walk the walk. Slogans that have got in to people's language sit side by side with products that have shifted vast quantities thanks to his understanding of your everyday customer.

Dave believes that every ad must have three elements to it to become effective -

1. Impact
2. Communication
3. Persuasion

Dave uses a great analogy about getting his wife Cath to make him a cup of tea as an explanation of his thinking.

Paraphrasing, it goes like this...

Just shouting "Cath, Cath!" gets him the required impact but has no communication or persuasion. Cath just knows he wants her attention.

So next he adds some communication "Cath, Cath! Make me a cup of tea will you? He's got her attention and now lets her know what he wants as a result of it.

Cath knows what he'd like her to do, but there's no real reason why she should do it. So he has to add in the one missing piece of the jigsaw - persuasion. 

"Cath, Cath! Make me a cup of tea will you? I'll put the bins out for you later if you do".

Bingo. He's got Cath's attention, explained to her what he wants and has given her a good reason to do it. Pretty simple yet pretty obvious at the same time.

It's a great analogy that ties in really well with advertising, yet unfortunately too many clients miss at least one of the three key elements in their work.

They assume the ad will get noticed (don't get us started) so concentrate on the communication and persuasion phrases, they get attention and have persuasion but lack any clear communication or they have impact and communication but don't give the reader any real persuasion.

Have a good look at your own work and see if you really got three as the magic number.