Newcastle Brown Ale get in on the Super Bowl action

In a couple of weeks time, Superbowl XLIX will be played between New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks in Glendale, Arizona.

By all accounts the event is a big deal. Zillions of viewers, copious amounts of hot dogs, gallons of Budweiser whilst not forgetting $4m a pop for 30 seconds of prime time TV advertising during the game itself.

Yep, $4m for a whole 30 seconds to get your message listened to and remembered. With that sort of figure in mid it's no surprise that only the corporate big boys have the clout to take a gamble during the few hours of game time.

And when the corporate big boys of America do Superbowl advertising, it tends to be a little on the... boring side. Less 'we've got a great opportunity here to really stand out from the crowd' but more 'we're spending a bucket load of cash here so let's not be too risky chaps'.

And that's where the good people at Newcastle Brown Ale (yes, that NBA) stepped in. Well, sort of stepped in. They decided that $4m was a little steep for them so launched a pre-Superbowl campaign (at usual rates) that takes the mickey out of traditional brand/bland Superbowl ads. The time has been used wisely - their distinctive logo appears about every five seconds - and the tone/execution is definitely on brand.

Just goes to show that when you haven't got the money to outspend the competition, you have to use your brain to out think them.

Thanks to the guys over at Sell!Sell! for this story.