we help UWE students get it more

It's not every year a university students' union kicks up a stink about their incumbent, contracted bus supplier and offers your client the opportunity to bring a bit of competition to the routes.

But that's exactly what happened to First Bus in Bristol a few months ago. Without naming operator in question, the guilty party were charged by the union with not delivering on the basics - poor punctuality, poor network coverage etc - so our guys were determined to combat the uni's concerns with their proposition. We were delighted to help them in bringing the marketing to life.

They kept their proposition nice and simple with new routes, great frequencies, and later services. Suffice to say we thought we'd keep things simple with the creative execution too.

A few 48 sheets, 6 sheets, press ads, mailers, pull-up banners, exhibition stands, web banners, t shirts, timetable holders and digital screens later - we had a cracking little campaign to entice the students to jump ship.

The lovely UWE students like it as much as we (and the client) do.

town centre 6 sheets (click to enlarge)
fresher fair leaflet (click to enlarge)
fresher fair stand (click to enlarge)
student magazine advert (click to enlarge)
staff t-shirts (click to enlarge)