want to see how Virgin Trains make a tv ad?

Over the past few months we've shown you how both First Great Western and National Express made their TV adverts, and now it's the turn of Virgin Trains.

Like the previous posts, the video below is the thinking behind it and what, as a viewer, you are supposed to take away from it.

And this is one the work that will be appearing on your screens.

According to the agency's creative founder, it's portrays the fact you feel 'awesome' after travelling with Virgin Trains. I don't know about you but on the rare occasions I feel that great I've usually got a spring in my step rather than something in my life slowing me down.

As a general rule I'm a big fan of all Virgin Trains advertising but this just isn't happening for me. Is it an ad for awesomeness (as per the tag line), and ad for relaxation (the whole slow mo thing) or an ad for the journey time between Manchester and London? It's all a bit disjointed.

It's also a little strange that they are using Liverpool Lime Street as the back drop to advertising journey times between London and Manchester.

Great sound track though.