Lidl school Morrisons over their price match offer

It's often said that 'challenger brands' need to be quick off the mark to take market share off their larger, more established rivals - and this ad from Lidl is no exception.

Following Morrisons recently launched (not so simple) price promise, Lidl decided that they had a nice little angle to come back at them. And they let the world know what is was in Saturday's Sun.

Despite this, I still think Morrisons could make a statement reply. Product selection, customer service, specialist staff, help with packing etc etc are all areas where they would feel superior to Lidl - but the odds on them doing anything are minimal.

It seems that despite middle of the road supermarkets losing market share hand over fist to challengers such as Lidl, they only want to compete on price, and not their points of difference.

And if they keep this strategy up over the long term, there is only going to be one winner.