Little old Lidl spend £30m on a new ad campaign

Lidl, Lidl, Lidl can't you see, sometimes your deals just hypnotise me...

It perhaps sums up the rise of the so called 'budget' supermarket that Lidl's current marketing campaign is costing them in the region of £20m. And very nice it is too.

Despite their continuing success, Lidl still suffers from a perception problem, and the campaign is aimed at combating that key issue - highlighting the range of products on offer, their quality, value for money and the type of people who are likely to buy them. Good going for a 30 second piece of communication.

They believe they have a customer offer (great quality at an affordable price) that will appeal to many and are prepared to shout this from the marketing rooftops.

Three of the TV spots are below but you can see the rest over on Lidl's YouTube channel.

Is this something public transport (something else with a clear perception problem) can learn from? Most definitely. But it's probably best left until the overall product is good enough to shout about in the first place.