Volvo sums up the blandness of car advertising

Everyone knows Volvos won't win any "style" awards, but if you were looking for something durable, smart and incredibly safe, Volvo was, and probably still is, the car you look towards.

Maybe this ad is Volvo's worst-case scenario, a sale ad that for whatever reason attempts to be "likeable" and "genial" but nothing more. There's no attitude. No edge. No difference. No real essence of what the Volvo brand stands for in the car market. Just pretty women, pretty kids and pretty pictures.

You can put any brand's logo on the end, and the ad becomes theirs.

Surely a pre-requisite of customer communication is that the customer actually recognises (consistency of look, tone of voice, language, use of humour etc) the brand, and remembers it?

Obviously not in the car world.

Cheers to Ad Aged guy George Tannenbaum for this.