translating client speak into customer speak

Most projects we undertake require us to write copy from scratch or re-write copy supplied by clients.

And what we have the end user of your/our work is your average person on the street. Someone who is not au fait with the inner workings of a bus depot, or the logistics of running trains on time, but someone who wants easy-to-read communication that makes the process of getting to they are going simpler. 

This often involves some tinkering and even more persuasion because let’s face it, you talk your own transport language and expect the customer to understand it. I’m sure it makes perfect sense in the office, but asking your average passenger to 'alight the train' or 'be aware of the timing points on this service' will be met with bewilderment.

In the past few years our clients have made some really positive steps in take a more conversational, ye on brand, style with their customers. They are losing the technical jargon and communicating in simple, easily understandable English. And by doing this, they appear as more friendly and personable, and less like the corporate monsters their customers love to pick holes in at every opportunity. 

For the majority of public transport users the bus or train is a part of their routine, so let’s make it warm and familiar, just like putting on your slippers or waving hello to a neighbour. 

It’s always nice to leave people with a smile on their face rather than confusion in their mind.