do you see advertising as part of marketing?

These days you can get a degree in marketing and one of your modules will be advertising.

You’ll do modules in: pricing & distribution theory, market research, brand planning, category management, ethical marketing, social and mobile media, presentation skills, and advertising.

In other words advertising is seen as part of a marketing person’s job but in reality advertising is actually the voice of marketing.

A gentleman called Adam Morgan talks about ‘in front of the curtain’ and ‘behind the curtain’. In front of the curtain is what we want the audience to see - so advertising is ‘in front of the curtain’. Behind the curtain is what we don’t want the audience to see (most of the list above) - which makes marketing ‘behind the curtain’.

The audience isn’t supposed to notice marketing but is definitely meant to notice the advertising, This really means that advertising is not a sub-set of marketing but a discipline of its own all about amplification.

Of all the advertising that is seen each year it is known that 4% is remembered positively, 7% is remembered negatively, and 89% isn’t noticed or remembered. So advertising is actually about making sure your message is part of the 4% that gets noticed and remembered.

Because otherwise, however clever all that marketing thinking was, it will all be wasted.