want to see how National Express make a tv ad?

Last month we showed how First Great Western made a TV advert, and now it's the turn of National Express to do the same.

So this is the thinking behind it and what, as a viewer, you are supposed to take away from it.

And this is the work that will be appearing on your screens.

Do the story and reality marry up? Does the ad show you how great and 'comfortable' the coaches are? Does it connect 'on an emotional level'? For me, you either sell the benefits of coach travel or tell me a story about a coach experience and hope I take something away from it - and I'm not sure it does either to any degree.

The script has three different stories (four if you count David Soul) and I think this is too many for the length of commercial -  I would much prefer to have seen one story told in depth. It seems to have fallen in to the classic trap of trying to appeal to a number of audiences with a single piece of communication - and ended up appealing to none of them.

The casting of David Soul, and him singing 'Silver Lady' is also seems a little odd. I'm not sure many people will actually know who the guy is (Hutch not Starsky in case you were wondering), let alone be aware of a hit song from many moons ago. It might have been different is National Express had iconic silver branding, like Greyhound for example - but they don't.

All in all it's an ad that doesn't really communicate what the directors, clients and agency says it does.

(Well produced though it has to be said).